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A brief history of my involvement with British Diabetes Association Stretford, Urmston and District Branch to the now called Diabetes UK - Trafford Diabetes Support Group

Having attended a few of the meetings in the 60’s and 70’s when an interesting speaker was invited, I eventually joined the group in May AGM in 1983 and soon became involved in arranging speakers for the monthly meetings. The medical profession were very keen to help and I had no problem arranging the 10 speakers required each year. The average attendance at that time was approximately 20.

Names that come to mind are Les Dolman (Treasurer for many years), Eric Taylor (Secretary for 12 years), Ken Stennett (who Chaired the Manchester and Salford Branch before joining our Branch as chair in 1992) Ken Stennett while Chair of the Manchester & Salford Branch help raise £250.000 for the building of the Diabetes Centre which now stands on Hathersage Road alongside Manchester Royal.

In 1993 I took over the Treasurers position and then in 1995 became Secretary. Jack Henderson became Chair in 1996. One of the Secretary’s duties at that time was to arrange coach outings which proved very popular.
That is how it stood until February 2003.

When Jack past away, early 2003, I approached John Howe who had done two presentations on the history of Urmston to became chair which after some thought accepted the position.
So from February 2003 onwards this is how it remains.

Don McGeachin