Local information

A Short History of the
Stretford, Urmston & District Branch
Don McGeachin

We know how it can feel when you are diagnosed with diabetes. The initial shock and confusion as to what the future holds. Sometimes you just wish it would go away and there is a tendency to ignore this increasingly common condition that can have dangerous consequences. Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to a poor quality of life.

The history of the Trafford Branch goes back to 1959 when Tom McLean and Len Angel formed the Stretford, Urmston and District Branch. Membership grew as people joined from outside the area including Altrincham. Irlam, Old trafford and Partington.

In 1974 the reorganization of Local Government brought about the Greater Manchester County Borough consisting of 10 Metropolitan Borough Councils. Trafford being one of them.

In 1981 the Group was renamed the Trafford Branch and continued to have meetings at various locations including Flixton Cricket Club, Flixton House, Park Hospital (now known as Trafford General), Ashfield House in Sale and the Princess Centre in Urmston.

The most successful location was the Princess Centre which was a Care Centre during the day. Guest speakers where regulaly invited with a mixture of Medical and topical talks with up to 50 members attending. The only drawback was having to collect the keys during the day and returning them the next day. The centre, unfortunately, has now closed.

Several members thought it might be a good idea to also hold daytime meetings and so in 1986 Flixton House was the chosen venue with meetings held on Tuesdays 2pm-4pm. This soon became known as the ‘Tuesday Day Club.’ These daytime meetings continued till 1998 with an average attendance of 20 regular members. In 2007 Daytime meetings were tried again at the newly opened Scout Hut on Barton Road, Lostock, Stretford and after a few months was moved to nearby Lostock Library but discontinued due to lack of support. We still however are still in close contact with Lostock Partnership and Lostock College

For many years the group has been able to make donations towards the research fund and to assist with many local activities from its own funds. Events that the group has assisted with for many years are donations towards activities for local children who live with diabetes i.e. Christmas Outings with visits to Pantomimes. The Group also assists with Activity Days for the older children that helps to overcome that difficult period as they approach adulthood. This is a tremendous opportunity for them to learn from others and enjoy themselves.

Information for this Document has been compiled from records held by:

Eric Taylor Trafford Group Secretary 1983 - 1995

Don McGeachin Trafford Group Secretary 1995 -